A Brain-Computer Interface That Works Wirelessly

A few paralyzed patients could soon be using a wireless brain-computer interface able to stream their thought commands as quickly as a home Internet connection.   After more than a decade of engineering work, researchers at Brown University and a … Continued

Scientists discover double meaning in genetic code

Understanding how information is encoded and transmitted is a crucial part of understanding our modern world. Scientists have discovered a second code hiding within DNA. This second code contains information that changes how scientists read the instructions contained in DNA … Continued

Artificial Photosynthesis

This week’s edition of FutureTense on ABC Radio National focused in renewable energy with particular emphasis on the very exciting developments in human created artificial photosynthesis which seems to genuinely offer the opportunity to reduce human impact on the planet … Continued

A Billboard That Condenses Water From Humidity

At the edge of the Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on earth, Lima, Peru, receives almost no rainfall. About 700,000 people have no access to clean water for drinking or bathing. Another 600,000 of the city’s 7.5 million … Continued

Vertical Forest nears completion in Milan

A pair of skyscrapers by Milan office Boeri Studio are nearing completion in the Italian city, featuring as many trees as could be planted in a hectare of forest.   The first project born from this concept is now nearing completion in the Isola area … Continued

This Underwater Computer Will Let Humans And Dolphins Talk To Each Other

This summer in the Bahamas, researchers will test new technology that helps humans get one step closer to communicating with dolphins using a series of whistles that dolphins can easily reproduce. An underwater computer called the CHAT interface will broadcast artificial whistles … Continued

Multi- storey office building made entirely of wood

The use of wood in multi-storey buildings is an art form almost completely buried a hundred years ago. Reinforced concrete structures became the norm worldwide. In recent years, however, the sustainability debate has brought a renaissance to wood and an … Continued

10 Failed Utopian Cities That Influenced the Future

Some of the most famous cities in history were never built. These 10 Utopian cities may have been failures, but they expressed our ideas about what the future of human civilization could look like. And many ideas contained in them … Continued

The 3D printer that can build a house in 24 hours

The University of Southern California is testing a giant 3D printer that could be used to build a whole house in under 24 hours. Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis has designed the giant robot that replaces construction workers with a nozzle on … Continued

World’s first text message via molecular communication sent

Scientists have created a molecular communications system for the transmission of messages and data in challenging environments where electromagnetic waves cannot be used — such as tunnels, pipelines, underwater, within the body, and in biomedical nanorobots.  “We believe we have sent … Continued

IBM’s predictions for next five years: everything will learn

BM just unveiled its annual 5 in 5 — five predictions about technology innovations that IBM expects will change the way we work, live and play within the next five years. This year’s IBM 5 in 5 explores the idea that everything will learn … Continued

Revisiting the limits to growth scenarios

Our current trajectory suggests that the world system will realise a decline in living standards. There needs to be a shift in the global economy that moves away from wellbeing measures based on GDP, and which embraces new meaningful measures … Continued

4-D Printing Means Building Things That Build Themselves

he advent of 3-D printing brought on a number of innovations worthy of news coverage. Printers have created prosthetic hands, action figures, food, even blood vessels, simply by depositing layer after layer of different kinds of ink. Now a handful of … Continued

The 59 Countries That Are Most Prepared To Handle An Uncertain Future

Australia has been listed in the top two countries best prepared to handle an uncertain future in a new report published in Fast Company.  The detailed report can be found here:  https://www.fastcoexist.com/3016024/the-59-countries-that-are-most-prepared-to-handle-an-uncertain-future

What will a typical Londoner look like in 2023

NESTA, a charitable foundation in London has collaborated with a number of other partners to explore how those who live in London in 10 years will actually live.  They created 25 “imaginary Londoners” whom they describe in some detail here: … Continued