The Futures Foundation promotes greater interest in, and understanding of, the future. Future Studies provides tools and perspectives to assist individuals and businesses today in preparing a more ideal tomorrow. The Foundation utilizes this discipline in planning and strategy.


We envisage a world where future generations are recognised as key stakeholders in all major decisions, and where the long-term consequences of those decisions are considered before action is taken.


One of the Foundation’s great strengths is its decentralised, web-like structure. United by a common mission and shared values, each of the projects and programs of the Foundation is managed independently. The Foundation acts as a network of knowledge and resources, with members sharing and collaborating to produce outstanding outcomes.


The Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organisation structured as a company limited by guarantee. Funding comes from the annual subscriptions of our members, who are primarily based in Australia. We also welcome grants from philanthropic trusts. In the past, the Humanities and Social Sciences department of the University of Technology, Sydney, has hosted our offices at its Broadway campus.

Founding Partners

  • AT&T Communications Services
  • Melbourne City Council
  • Professional Public Relations
  • Stanwell Corporation Limited

Key Contributors

  • Australian Taxation Office
  • connect.com.au
  • Port of Melbourne
  • DDB Needham Sydney
  • Department of Treasury & Finance, Vic.
  • Environment Protection Authority of NSW
  • Horticultural Research & Development Corporation
  • Merck Sharp & Dohme
  • NRMA Limited
  • Office of Information Technology, NSW Premier’s Department
  • Prodigy Telecom
  • Taxation Institute of Australia
  • Technology, Arts & Media Educational Services Directorate (TAFE)
  • Yak Networks


The Futures Foundation

Established in 1996, the Foundation was conceived by Jan Lee Martin who, with husband Peter Lazar and colleagues including Richard Neville, Peter Saul and others, guided the Foundation through its early years.  Major corporations and government departments also played key roles in the organisation’s inception.

The Future of Work Foundation

The Future of Work Foundation began as a movement by a small group with a powerful and compelling vision for work in the year 2020, and has evolved into a vibrant organisation strongly anchored in the present.  It is committed to action which will further advance and implement its original vision.
Link: https://www.fowf.com.au

Strengthening the Network

In 2002 The Futures Foundation merged with the Future of Work Foundation, chaired by its founder, Charles Brass, who succeeded Jan Lee Martin as chair of the new, combined Futures Foundation.  In 2007 the foundation, together with the Australian futurist community, created the Australlasian Futures and Foresight Association.


In 2008, the Directors placed the futures foundation into voluntary administration.  In October 2010 it emerged again, once again under the control of Charles Brass.

In June 2013 a new not-for-profit company called Futures Foundation Australia Ltd. (A.C.N. 163 522 021) took control of the foundation.  The current directors of this company are:

  • Charles Brass
  • Torrey Orton
  • Lyn Anstee