“Goldene” — The World’s Newest Super Material

In the ever-evolving landscape of material science, a groundbreaking discovery has emerged that may redefine the boundaries of what’s possible with elemental materials. Dubbed “goldene,” this new material is the world’s thinnest gold leaf, measuring a mere single atom in thickness. … Continued

Scientists found microplastics in every human semen sample they examined

A team of researchers has found microplastics in all 40 semen samples they examined from healthy men, highlighting the urgent need to study how these tiny particles could affect human reproduction. In a paper published in the journal Science of the Total Environment, researchers … Continued

Earthquakes caused by mysterious blobs inside Earth, Scientists say

Researchers are increasingly suspicious that a powerful collision between the Earth and a Mars-sized object dubbed Theia some 4.5 billion years ago may have left “mysterious blobs” buried deep within Earth’s interior — an impact so violent that it ejected enough material … Continued

Cornstarch-inspired material promises tougher electronic wearables

Researchers from the University of California, Merced, have made strides in developing a novel material with adaptive durability, inspired by the unique behavior of cornstarch in cooking. This innovative material toughens up when subjected to hits or stretches, offering enhanced … Continued

Bridging the gap: How the world is becoming a better place

Ready for some more data-driven optimism?   Today, I’ll be sharing charts showing how the world is improving across several dimensions, including rising worldwide democracy and freedom, higher levels of literacy, and even falling homicide rates.   Again, it’s essential … Continued

IBM unveils an analog AI chip that works like a human brain

The chip’s components work in a way similar to synapses in human brains. Tech corporation IBM has unveiled a new “prototype” of an analog AI chip that works like a human brain and performs complex computations in various deep neural … Continued

Computer chip with built-in human brain tissue gets military funding

Last year, Monash University scientists created the “DishBrain” – a semi-biological computer chip with some 800,000 human and mouse brain cells lab-grown into its electrodes. Demonstrating something like sentience, it learned to play Pong within five minutes. The micro-electrode array at the heart of … Continued

How Gen Z Fixes The Future

Despite the brutal world around them, Gen Z has the unique potential to shape the future’s narrative through superior diversity, curiosity and data literacy. THERE HAS NEVER been a period in the history of humanity where a person’s expectations of the … Continued