Imagining the future – creating a new world one day at a time

The futures foundation is often invited to work with secondary students and their teachers to envision the future.  Below is a description of a one day workshop that can also be presented as part of a program lasting up to … Continued

Helping young people access 21st century jobs

Most, if not all, Australian secondary schools provide career services to their middle year’s and senior students.  Different schools structure their careers services in a variety of ways.  Below are some links to websites provided by individual Australian schools about … Continued

The Future – A User’s Guide

This is the tentative title of a new book to be published by Charles Brass early in 2019.  More details will be posted here as they emerge

Alliance For Sustainable Wellbeing

(Formerly the Project to Make Wellbeing a National Priority) Andrew Gaines, Convener Given Australia’s ecological and social deterioration, many of us believe wellbeing rather than sheer economic increase should be our national focus. We need to reorganise every level of … Continued