(Formerly the Project to Make Wellbeing a National Priority)

Andrew Gaines, Convener

Given Australia’s ecological and social deterioration, many of us believe wellbeing rather than sheer economic increase should be our national focus. We need to reorganise every level of our society to be ecologically viable and humane.

For ecological sustainability and social wellbeing to become priorities at a national level they must be understood at a personal level. Accordingly the Futures Foundation has launched the Project to Make Wellbeing a National Priority.

The Project combines a national grass roots educational program with briefings for particularly influential people.

The goal is for people to systematically think through the many changes that are possible and necessary to create a viable society for the future, and then work within their sphere of influence to actually bring about those changes. At the least, people will be prepared to intelligently support leaders who arise with constructive initiatives.

The vision is to mobilise thousands of facilitated discussion groups around Australia, and also produce events and workshops. As an outcome we want to turn the tide towards environmental sustainability and social health.

To support this effort we have developed:

An 8-week Discussion Group course. The manual, Evolving_a_World_That_Works, explores the systemic connections between ecology, industrial design, economics and psychology, thus enabling us to identify constructive points of change that can shift the system for the better.

There are many suggested_books. Scroll down to find a list of supporting_articles with links to the actual articles.

Workshops and training

1-day Leadership Forums for making Australia a world leader in ecological sustainability and social wellbeing. These Forums give you an integrated overview of how economics, psychology and the environment work together. They equip you, if you so choose, to lead a discussion group using the Manual.

The Project Overview – tells more about the Project

Issues & Ideas Forum

This Forum is a space for us to explore ideas relating to the process of achieving a cultural shift to well-being in Australia. It is an opportunity to present unsolved problems, or to request help on a particular problem… and as well as presenting feedback and observations on what has worked.

Special teaching modules using graphics 
This is a growing library of short teaching modules. Only a few people can read and integrate large amounts of information. Using graphics makes it much easier for people to see patterns of connection.

You are welcome to download these modules from this web site, and use them in your own teaching or in conversations with friends and colleagues.

You are also invited to submit new modules or improve the modules we have. Contactandrew.gaines@futuresfoundation.org.au

Friends_of_the_ProjectThese are organisations and individuals who support the Project.

Contact us To find out more about the Project, or to register your interest as a Discusiion Group facilitator, please contact
Andrew Gaines:
(02) 4782 2004

Project supported by:

Schweisfurth Foundation (Germany)



Photo Credit: Torvald Lekvam


Supporting Articles


Thinking Skills


Lovins, Amory et al

Winning the Oil Endgame – Amory Lovins

Shows how the application of integrative

design strategies in industry can dramatically reduce cost, energy use and pollution.

Hill, Stuart B


Lessons from ecological agriculture and social ecology

Martin, Glen The Cloaking of Evil
An exceptionally clear article about the essence of ethics and today’s world.
Meadows, Donella Places to Intervene in a System – Donella Meadows
A classic article about which level of intervention have the most influence. Thinking (mental models) comes tops!
Meadows, Donella Problems Are Interconnected and So Are Solutions
Monbiot, George Wind power is a technological fix for a political problem
An example of thinking to find the most effective point of change.
Pearce, Joseph Chilton The Holographic Heart – Joseph Chilton Peirce
New research shows that our hearts have nerve cells and contribute to intelligence

Partnership or dominator – which style will shape our future?


Gaines, Andrew the_journey_to_workplace_excellence
Reviews how Ricardo Semler (Maverick) converted his company from an autocratic to a partnership mode
Hull, Daryll Simply the Best – Workplaces in Australia
King, Martin Luther Why I am Opposed to War – Martin Luther King
Meadows, Donella Two Approaches to Sewage Treatment and to the World
How the Partnership-Dominator contrast plays out in technical design.
Valiente, Doreen The Charge of the Goddess
A lovely poem.

Ecological limits and positive initiatives


Brown, Lester Water shortages will lead to food shortages
Deligiannis,Tom The Crash of the Peruvian anchovy fishery
Foran and Poldy Dilemmas Distilled

A summary and guide to the CSIRO technical report Future Dilemmas: Options to 2050 for Australia‘s population, technology, resources and environment

Lovelock, James The Revenge of Gaia – reviews
“The Earth is about to catch a morbid fever that may last as long as 100,000 years.”
Lovins, Amory Amory Lovins has a vision The US economy keeps going and going and going-without any oil
Morrow. Rowe The Blossoming Of Suburbia
Pimentel, David et al Will limits of the earth’s resources control human numbers?
Shiva, Vananda et al The Seven Deadly Myths of Industrial Agriculture




Balson, Scott Multinationals have paid little or no tax in Australia
How money is drained out of Australia.
Global Trade Watch The Shrinking Gains from Trade – Global Trade Watch
Komisar, Lucy How Big Business Evades Taxes
Levy, Nicole Mother Nature and Her Dedicated Sweethearts vssweethearts vs. the Problem Children
Charming clarity from a seventh grader who was impressed by Donella Meadows.
Lietaer, Bernard Beyond Greed and Scarcity

Alternative currencies for a positive world

Littora, Gary How freight drives us to unsustainable outcomes in Sydoutcomes in Sydney
McFadden, Louis T. The Federal Reserve as a Public Swindle
Congressman McFadden was angry that a private bank was given control of the United States money supply.
Montague, Tim Re-establishing Local Economies
Norberg-Hodge, Helen et al Ripe for Change – rethinking California‘s food economy
Rothbard, Murray Fractional Reserve Banking
Clearly explains how money enters the economy in America
Sapolsky, Robert How Income Inequality Makes People Sick
Steffen, Alex Ending Poverty
Explores low cost approaches to ending absolute poverty
Warby, Michael et al Two articles against the Accord plus one for it


Cellular Health


Author unknown Why GM Free – includes business case for organic farming
Bate, Phil The Health Revolution
Makes the process of sorting out mental issues through supplying key nutrients and eliminating allergies come alive.
Borlag, Norman The Green Revolution Revisited – Norman Borlag
Norman Borlag is the scientist who developed the ‘Green Revolution’
Clapp, Richard et al Environmental and Occupational Causes of Cancer – A Review of Recent Scientific Literature
Fischer, Douglas Half Of Breast Cancers Tied to the Environment
Analysis of 350 studies finds half of cases are unrelated to genetic risk or lifestyle choices
ox, MagFgie Unborn Babies Soaked in Chemicals, Survey Finds
Mercola, Joseph Doctors Are The Third Leading Cause of Death in the US, Causing 250,000 Deaths Every Year https://www.mercola.com/2000/jul/30/doctors_death.htm
Montague, Peter Cancer stats, industrial toxins and the economic system
Morris, Jeff The diseases of aging are a result of toxins – therefore detox older people
A new scientific perspective emerging.
Rath, Matthias Cellular Health Series – Cancer
The Healthy Foundation Children + vitamines = increased school attendance
Wikopedia The Green Revolution – Wikopedia


CODEX and the TGA


Alexander, Kathryn Natural Health Products – Guilty until proven innocent
Harris, Suzanne How CODEX works
Gives the behind the scenes big picture of how CODEX works
Hillary, Eve TGA Skeletons – Who Privatised the Regulator
An account of the drug company agenda behind the destruction of vitamin manufacturer Pan Pharmaceuticals.
Hillary, Eve The War on Natural Healthcare – w ref re german Vitam
Field experience of how CODEX already works
Organic Consumers Association, USA Congress Poised to Pass Bill Taking Away Right to KnowWhat’s in Your Food
Therapeutic Goods Administration press release Pan Pharmaceuticals Limited – Regulatory action and product recall information
The TGA’s public position.
Therapeutic Goods Administration press release TGA intensifies warning about Travacalm Original travel sickness tablets
The TGA’s public position.
Tipps, Scott The Summer of Our Discontent – re Codex meeting in Rome
This is a report on the July 2005 meeting of the Codex Alimentarius Commission in Rome.

Healthy childrearing


deMause, Lloyd The Six Psychogenic modes and their dates of evolution in the most advanced countries
DeMause’s summary of how childrearing has been getting better.
Gerhardt, Sue In order to develop a social brain babies need loving, babies need loving one-to-one care
Research that love and contact are essential for developing brains (how remarkable it is that we don’t already know this!)
McFarland, Robert Creating a Community Parenting Center-1
McFarland did something to improve parenting – a model for all communities
Weinstein, Sam Family Nurturing Centre
More on improving parenting
Miller, Alice The Essential Role of an Enlightened Witness in Society
Knowing someone sees and cares, even if abuse cannot be stopped, makes a big difference.
Prescott, Jim Prescott – Bonding or violence

Reviews research evidence showing protracted breastfeeding and maternal/paternal contact are essential for healthy balanced adults – the absence produces bullying and crime.

Mental Heath


Breggin, Peter Psychostimulants in the treatment of children diagnosed with ADD ADHD: Risks and mechanism of action.
How Ritalin and other drugs damage kid’s brains. Scientific review of the literature.
Coultan, Mark Reduced overall armed conflict and death
Good news that supports deMause’s assertion that as childhood improves wars reduce
Gaines, Andrew Quick Renewal Through Nurturing Touch
Hill, Stuart B Spontaneity and being in the present are the most reliable indicators of psychological and emotional wellbeing
Hoffer, Abraham Mental Health Treatment That Works
The key (and cheap) nutrients that will reduce much mental illness.
Prescott, James W. Body Pleasure And The Origins Of Violence
Nurturing touch in childhood is crucial for healthy societies.
Prescott, James W. Pleasurable touch in prisons
Prisons should make people healthier, not more hardened.
Seed, John Rituals to remind us we are par of the web of life areessential
Stanley, Fiona The Real Brain Drain – Why Putting Children First Is So Important For Australia
Links worsening statistics on children’s health to economic rationalism
Von Hilsheimer, George Using Biofeedback To Treat The Untreatable
A remarkable account of how bio-feedback reduced prison recidivism to 15- 45 %. Could be easily replicated.
Whitaker, Robert Drugs increase mental illness
Evidence that adult’s brains are damaged by common prescription drugs

Corporate Evil


Author unknown The Revolving Door Between Business and Government
Britt, Lawrence The 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism
Gaines, Andrew Who Will Stand Up For Democracy?
Gittins, Ross WorkChoices class war By Ross Gittins
Hartmann. Thom Nixon eliminating fear and neo-1Cons Reinvigorating It
Ho, Mae-Wan Puncturing the GM Myths
Leser, Eric Carlyle Empire
How US Presidents and presidential advisors profit through Carlyle, a major military investment company
Light, Luise The Shocking Truth Behind the Original Food Guide Pyramid
Montague, Tim Science Under Seige
Rapielle, Clotaire Reptilian Advertising – Interview with Clotaire Rapiel

A method of finding people’s deep emotional resonances with specific products, so that advertisers can play on them. Brilliant & nefarious.