Earlier this year, Local Motors hosted a challenge to create the first 3D-printed car that can drive on the highway.

For the competition, contestants were asked to “create the first highway-ready vehicle using large-scale 3D printing and the full extent of Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM),” according to Local Motors challenge page.

They not only had to 3D print the majority of the car, but also reduce part count and prove that using DDM is more economical than conventional manufacturing methods.

Kevin Lo, an auto manufacturer, 3D printed the LM3D—the winning car that won over 60 submitted designs. The car was chosen based on a mix of community votes and a judging panel that included former Tonight Show host Jay Leno, according to a Local Motors press release.

Read the original article here: https://www.slate.com/blogs/business_insider/2015/11/19/local_motors_will_sell_the_first_3d_printed_car.html