Designing 2050




Is the future a choice between two bleak alternatives? One of world collapse triggered by a combination of global warming, conspicuous consumption, warfare, and the greed of multinational companies? Or one in which Earth is saved at the cost of all humanity agreeing to lead the frugal and austere lives characteristic of today’s third world countries?

An inspirational blueprint for those wanting to be future makers rather than future takers, this book offers a third choice. According to Peter Ellyard – former Executive Director for the Australian Commission for the Future – we are at a tipping point in history. Globalisation, increased technological and social innovation, the growth of the educated middle class and democracy, and a shared awareness of our ecological vulnerability are combining to offer us a chance of designing sustainable, diverse societies which are prosperous in every way.

Ellyard summarises where we are now and outlines how different mindsets and strategies can realise such a future for all. He suggests over 100 potential innovations which would not only enrich the creators but help us all live better and sustainably. In doing so he describes the emerging 21st Century global marketplace.

This book is for leaders and potential leaders, especially those in government, corporations, education, and in indigenous and rural communities, and for enterprising Generation Xs and Ys who want to make a difference.