We are all farmilar with the tragedy of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, which was caused by an enormous tsunami that occurred back in 2011. It brought the nuclear power debate back to life.

Now, one Japanese engineer wants to harness the power of another potentially destructive force in order to generate energy. Atsushi Shimizu has created a wind turbine that can withstand the terrible force of typhoons, and it can gather their energy to provide clean power.

“For decades, Japan has brought in European-style wind turbines, not designed for typhoon zones, and installed them with no careful consideration—they’ve broken almost entirely,” Shimizu said to CNN. Now, that could all change.

There is tremendous potential in typhoon energy—it is estimated that one typhoon is equivalent to half the world-wide electrical generating capacity, and if we could harness all of its energy, Shimizu asserts he could power Japan for 50 years.

To that end, Shimizu has constructed a special turbine, one that looks like an eggbeater. It utilizes the Magnus effect to prevent the turbine from spinning out of control. The design helps it withstand unpredictable wind directions.


the rest of the story can be found here: https://futurism.com/new-wind-turbine-tech-could-use-a-single-typhoon-to-power-a-country-for-50-years/