The Hard Facts About Soft Skills – Why you should teach employees to be more resilient,

    Being gifted at performing the technical aspects of a job can take an employee only so far. To become a stellar employee or an admired leader requires an arsenal of skills that are harder to measure but critical … Continued

What is ‘futures studies’ and how can it help us improve our world?

Futures studies is the systematic study of possible, probable and preferable futures. It can be used to help leaders and communities manage uncertainties and increase their resilience and innovation. We spoke with futurist Dr. Stuart Candy about the latest developments … Continued

Researcher Tells AI to Write a Paper About Itself, Then Submits It to Academic Journal

“All we know is, we opened a gate. We just hope we didn’t open a Pandora’s box.” It looks like algorithms can write academic papers about themselves now. We gotta wonder: how long until human academics are obsolete? In an editorial … Continued

Human brains can solve hard problems moments before falling asleep

HERE’S HOW YOU CAN TRY TO CREATE YOUR OWN “EUREKA” MOMENTS. Have you ever had a great idea right before you fell asleep — only to forget it the next morning when you wake up? A new study says there’s … Continued

Scientists Just Cracked One-Way Superconductivity, Thought Impossible for Over 100 Years

Today’s computers guzzle large amounts of electricity, raising concerns about the climate impact of technology. A breakthrough in superconducting electronics could reduce the power bill significantly, while also making computers far faster. The phenomenon of superconductivity was first discovered in 1911 … Continued

Biggest Floating Solar Park in Europe Perfectly Integrates in Portugal Reservoir

A vast array of 12,000 solar panels are set to become Europe’s largest floating solar park when they finish taking position atop the Alqueva reservoir this year. Supplying a third of the electricity to the nearby towns of Moura and … Continued

Wind Power Surpasses Coal, Nuclear as Power Generation Source in US

For the first time in recorded history, wind power was the second-largest source of electricity in the country for an entire day. That’s according to data from the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Hourly Electric Grid Monitor, which on March 29 spotted wind … Continued

NASA ‘Holoported’ a doctor onto the international space station

Nasa is taking a step in a distinctly Star Trek direction with a new communication method it tested on the International Space Station (ISS). It’s called ‘holoporting’ and, as you’d expect, is a mix between a hologram and teleportation. And it resulted in … Continued

Solar panels that can generate electricity at night have been developed at Stanford

A team of engineers at Stanford University have developed a solar cell that can generate some electricity at night. The research comes at a moment when the number of solar jobs and residential installations are rising. While standard solar panels can provide electricity during … Continued

In Austria, the Government Pays to Repair Your Stuff

Taking the “right to repair” one step further, a Viennese repair bonus is going national — and keeping thousands of items out of the junkyard Sepp Eisenriegler loves giving second chances: To the defunct electrical appliances awaiting repair or refurbishment, … Continued

How thinking emerged on Earth, from bacteria to the human mind

The human brain is only the latest chapter in the ancient story of thinking on Earth. Rocks do not think. Rocks do not feel. Rocks do not share their experiences with fellow rocks in the hope that their hard-won knowledge … Continued

Futures Exhibition – Washington DC until July 2022

Arts and Industries Building 900 Jefferson Drive, SW Washington, DC Part exhibition, part festival, FUTURES presents nearly 32,000 square feet of new immersive site-specific art installations, interactives, working experiments, inventions, speculative designs, and “artifacts of the future,” as well as historic objects … Continued

Can Science Fiction Wake Us Up to Our Climate Reality?

Last summer, the science-fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson went on a backpacking trip with some friends. They headed into the High Sierra, hiking toward Deadman Canyon—a fifty-mile walk through challenging terrain. Now sixty-nine, Robinson has been hiking and camping in … Continued

Ingenious devices extract power from the ocean’s tides. These futuristic “kites” could be a game changer

Swedish engineering firm Minesto has designed special gliders that look a lot like airborne drones — except that they’re meant to capture power from underwater currents and use it to generate electricity, down near the ocean floor. The company is … Continued

How Arthur C. Clarke’s three laws apply to alien technology

Technology has advanced at a blinding pace in the past 150 years. That won’t always happen. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” That little aphorism is called Clark’s third law, and it haunts all our efforts to find alien … Continued

Towering Over the City, This ‘Farmscraper’ Will Produce 270 tons of Food from Hydroponics on 51-Stories

Combining a vertical farm and office space into a single 51-storey concept out of Chinese mythology, an Italian architect is completing the Shenzhen skyline with a stunning “farmscraper.” With a façade that features a vertical hydroponic farm extending the entire … Continued

Watch Nissan’s awesome new ‘intelligent’ factory in action

Nissan has launched its most advanced production line to date as it works toward creating an emissions-free manufacturing process for its next-generation vehicles. Using the very latest robotic technology, the Nissan Intelligent Factory started operating this week in Tochigi, Japan, … Continued

Animals to be formally recognised as sentient beings in domestic law

Intr Government introduces Bill to formally recognise animals as sentient beings Animal Sentience Committee will put animal sentience at heart of government policy Bill introduced as part of government’s first of a kind Action Plan for Animal Welfare Vertebrate animals will … Continued

Investigating the Glue That Binds the Brain

The brain’s neurons tend to get most of the scientific attention, but a set of cells around them called astrocytes – literally, star-shaped cells – are increasingly being viewed as crucial players in guiding a brain to become properly organized. … Continued

Indigenous forest gardens remain productive and diverse for over a century

Gardens persist for 150 years after those who planted them were removed.   –Chelsey Armstrong In the 1930s, an archeologist from the Smithsonian wrote a short paper remarking on the exquisite vegetation around First Nation villages in Alaska. The villages’ … Continued