Thank you for your interest in joining The Australasian Futures & Foresight Association.

There are three levels of membership:

Professional members are those who:

  • …know the tools and perspectives of futures studies, and use them to enable others to identify options, decisions, and actions in the present
  • …employ long-term thinking and planning and encourage others to do so
  • … encourage the application of the tools and perspectives of futures studies in public, private and professional endeavors

To qualify as a Professional Member you must meet a minimum of two of the following criteria AND be recommended for membership by one full member of APF:

  • Consulting – Prospective member has consulted with a minimum of two clients in each of the last three years, or three clients within the last twelve months on engagements that employ the perspective and/or methodology of futures research. May be a sole practitioner or partner/staff in consultancy.
  • Organizational Function – Prospective member is in a position that regularly employs the perspective and/or methodology of futures research.
  • Post-Graduate Degree – Prospective member has earned a post-graduate degree in futures research, futures studies or a comparable field.
  • Speaking – Prospective member has delivered a minimum of two speeches or presentations on the future (paid or not) in each of the last three years, or three within the last twelve months. Each was given before an external audience.
  • Teaching – Prospective member currently teaches, or has taught, a course on the future or on futures theory – or methodology.
  • Writing – Prospective member has published a minimum of three magazine or journal articles and/or one book that is/are about the future or futures theory – or methodology.

Please note that you will be asked to submit examples or documentation for your achievements in the futures field.

Those who apply for Professional membership might be admitted to Associate (provisional) membership if their qualifications do not meet the required standards.  Those admitted to associate membership will have three years to upgrade their qualifications to be admitted to professional membership.

Membership Fee for Professional Membership: $330 (inc. GST)

Download Professional Member Application Form (.doc – 160Kb)

This is a provisional category for individuals who are in training with the “Foresight Curriculum”, but who have not yet fulfilled the requirements of professional membership.

Foresight Curriculum for an Associate Member may be, for example:

  • a Foresight Management Course,
  • a GBN Scenario Planning Course + Prescribed set of Futurist Readings,
  • commencing a Research Degree with low Futurist Work Experience, and/or
  • some journalist articles/writings relevant to Futures Studies.

Membership Fee for Associate Membership: $330 (inc. GST)

Download Associate Member Application Form (.doc – 130Kb)

A Student Member is currently enrolled in a course(s) or university program in futures research, futures studies or a comparable field. Student Members have complete access to all member services. Proof of enrollment must be submitted to the Association at the time of application.

Membership Fee for Student Membership: $165 (inc. GST)

Download Student Member Application Form  (.doc – 125Kb)