The Future – A User’s Guide

This is the tentative title of a new book to be published by Charles Brass early in 2019.  More details will be posted here as they emerge

Alliance For Sustainable Wellbeing

(Formerly the Project to Make Wellbeing a National Priority) Andrew Gaines, Convener Given Australia’s ecological and social deterioration, many of us believe wellbeing rather than sheer economic increase should be our national focus. We need to reorganise every level of … Continued

Futures Education Rationale

What is Futures and Futures Education?   The Futures Field incorporates research, education and social movements that are involved in a wide range of activities, from trend analysis to curriculum development to social innovations.  A core element of these activities is … Continued

Kew High School Futures Statement

FUTURES THINKING AND CURRICULUM STATEMENTS Why should schools include a futures perspective in Curriculum planning?   Kew High School’s key question:   What kind of young adults do we want our students to be? If this is the premise from which … Continued

Futures Resources for Educators.

Compiled by Caroline Smith, ACU National.   Futures Education Bjerstedt, A. (1992). Conceptions of the Future and Education for Responsibilities Malmö, Sweden, Department of Educational and Psychological Research, Lund Beare, H. and Slaughter, R. (1994). Education for the Twenty First Century. London: Routledge Boulding, … Continued

Eltham College of Education Futures Education Project

ELTHAM College of Education in association with the Futures Foundation this week held a seminar detailing a Year 9 Futures Education project – 2020 – conducted at ELTHAM’s City Campus, followed by a discussion with attendees in regards to the … Continued