What is AFFA?

Officially launched on Australia Day 2008 as the professional wing of the Futures Foundation, the Australasian Futures and Foresight Association (AFFA) is poised to become the voice of futures and foresight professionals throughout the region.

Providing representation, advocacy, recognition and professional development to individual practitioners and consultancies, AFFA aims to build a community of highly skilled futures and foresight professionals who are recognised for their valuable contributions to society, business and government, and to enhance their positive impact on the quality of futures thinking and planning in Australia and internationally.

Our Vision

Australian futures and foresight professionals are recognised nationally and internationally as valuable contributors to individual, societal, corporate, governmental and planetary evolution.

Our Aims

  • An Authoritative Voice
    To be respected and recognised by corporate, government, community organisations, professional associations and the general public as a point of access to expertise in the field.
  • Strong Advocacy for Higher Standards in the Field
    To establish and maintain the highest standards of practice and integrity for our dynamic and growing professional community.
  • A Visible Futures Policy Think-Tank
    To stimulate thinking on emerging issues important to Australia’s future, acting as a central voice of the profession and contributing our collective intelligence and foresight to national and international issues.
  • Nationally Representative – Globally Connected
    To raise public awareness of the quality of the futures and foresight field throughout Australian states and territories whilst forging strong links with like-minded associations internationally.


Our Philosophy – Unity in Diversity

AFFA members believe that Australia has a unique place in time and space: a distinctive identity and presence in the world that enables us to facilitate futures thinking that inspires action in local, national and international communities.

As futures and foresight professionals, many also see their role as extending beyond the business delivery of their projects to embrace a planetary philosophy. This philosophy translates into practice via themes of social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and advocating for the rights of future generations.

In accordance with our members’ diverse beliefs and interests, AFFA will take a leadership role in foresight innovation and learning in Australia and will connect with other nations to create shared understandings on regional, international and global issues for the future.